what is best practice to limit forked sshd processes

Ladouceur Jeffrey jefflad at yahoo.ca
Thu Aug 27 22:09:07 AEST 2020


Maybe I'll re-phase what I'm observing.

A client is requesting a subsystem but thought the subsystem exists the forked sshd process does not terminate.

We are still analyzing why (i.e. ssh session not terminated, etc), but never the less we can't have the client cause the server to spawn an unlimited number of authenticated sessions. We limit the number of subsystems.

I would like to force the termination of the forked sshd process when the subsytem terminates.

Any suggestions how this can be accomplished ?

On Wednesday, August 12, 2020, 03:07:04 p.m. EDT, Ladouceur Jeffrey <jefflad at yahoo.ca> wrote: 

Is there a best practice to limit the number of forked sshd processes ?

Is /etc/security/limits.d the recommended approach ?


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