ssh_config: Hostname with multiple IP addresses

David Newall openssh at
Fri Dec 18 11:02:16 AEDT 2020

> changing /etc/hosts, LDAP,
> external DNS or whatever might not be an option due to to local
> restrictions.
>> That is, I think there should be a principle of "minimise client 
>> guessing games". So, even if multiple entries makes sense for 
>> Hostname, I would still be inclined to disagree with any proposal to 
>> add this feature.
> I disagree. ssh handles DNS returning several A and AAAA records
> quite well. Having multiple IP address entries in the Hostname line
> would be the same "guessing game".
> IPv6 should no longer be ignored or considered as "not important for
> us". Dual stack is state of the art today. 

Demonstrating that no good deed goes unpunished, this is what happens 
when you allow abuse of Hostname, which is for the singular, official 
*name*, with an IP address: people start expecting that it should also 
handle multiple IP addresses.

This feels like a discussion about multiple addresses for private hosts 
with non-public IP addresses on a local network.  You can just pick one!

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