OpenSSH ver.8.2p1 compilation error on AIX

Darren Tucker dtucker at
Wed Feb 19 12:31:15 AEDT 2020

On Wed, 19 Feb 2020 at 06:38, Val Baranov <val.baranov at> wrote:
> AIX 7.1 TL5, OpenSSL ver. 1.1.1d. "vac.C" version
> Compilation error " The indirection operator cannot be applied to a pointer to an incomplete struct or union " (see full log below) produced for " libressl-api-compat.c ".
> No such error if compiled with OpenSSL ver. 1.0.2r (and the earlier versions)
> Any idea how to fix? Thank you

Are you sure this is the 8.2p1 source?  The line numbers from the
error messages don't correspond to those in 8.2p1, but they do match
7.9p1.  For example:

> "libressl-api-compat.c", line 619.26: 1506-043 (S) The operand of the sizeof operator is not valid.

$ head -619 openssh-7.9p1/openbsd-compat/libressl-api-compat.c | tail -1
return calloc(1, sizeof(EVP_MD_CTX));
$ head -619 openssh-8.0p1/openbsd-compat/libressl-api-compat.c | tail -1
$ head -619 openssh-8.2p1/openbsd-compat/libressl-api-compat.c | tail -1

I don't have VAC so I can't reproduce this myself.   I have built
8.2p1 with a shared-lib openssl-1.1.1d on AIX with GCC, though.

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