u2f / libfido2 version

Fox, Kevin M Kevin.Fox at pnnl.gov
Sat Jan 11 10:41:37 AEDT 2020

I have it all working in a container located here:

Might be a good starting point.


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Sean Liao:

> Specifically, current HEAD has
> SSH_SK_VERSION_MAJOR           0x00040000
> and I can't seem to find a matching libfido2 version,
> current HEAD of Yubico/libfido2 is 0x00020000

Those are unrelated. SSH_SK_VERSION_MAJOR is the API version of the
middleware library that communicates with the authenticators; see
PROTOCOL.u2f.  Obviously, OpenSSH's internal USB HID support matches

OpenSSH's internal USB HID support happens to be built on top of
libfido2, but that is an independent fact.  libfido2 itself is NOT
a middleware library that directly interfaces with OpenSSH.

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