Adding SNI support to SSH

Jochen Bern Jochen.Bern at
Tue Jan 14 21:36:53 AEDT 2020

On 01/13/2020 07:55 PM, Gert Doering wrote:
> I'd do the "SNI" part before exchanging server host keys ("just as it is
> done in https, for good reason").  That way, every backend can have its
> own key.  The "middle box" would see some unencrypted handshake, but
> afterwards would have no more knowledge of the connection than any
> IP router or proxy in the path.
> Actually *doing* it sounds like you need a protocol change (more than
> "just an option after the key handshake")

Actually doing it that way - and I admit that I can't think of a better
one off the top of my head - does *not* strike me as a change *to the
SSH protocol*. The SSH protocol would still happen, unchanged, through a
transparent connection between client and (v6/backend) server; "on the
wire", you'ld merely add a prologue (and possibly an epilogue) to the
data exchanged so as to initiate (and tear down) said transparent

However, that's essentially what SSH proxying solutions (SOCKS, HTTP
CONNECT) do, too, and all the reasons to have proxying separated from
the actual OpenSSH code and handed to separate ProxyCommand helper
applications should, I'ld guess, apply here as well.

In particular, for the v4/v6 switching as described, I'ld say that one
would want to implement a helper that works along the following pseudocode:
-- Get called by ssh (including being given "a target host" that
   may be a host name or an IP)
-- Second-guess whether a plain ssh would/could connect to it with v4
   or v6
   (yes, I've seen machines with default-enabled v6 support sitting in
   v4-only networks that would fail to connect to any v6-enabled hosts
   including dual stack, because they would see and prioritize the AAAA
   RRs in the DNS ... v6 support was simply *that much* out of scope
   for the people maintaining those network domains)
-- If v6, establish an equivalent connection (maybe by exec'ing
   netcat/nc as the helper's helper ;-) and hand it to ssh
-- If v4, open the connection (which will actually connect to the v4
   frontend), send the "SNI" (in whatever format whatever software
   running on the frontend requires it to be, my guess would be that
   HAproxy would already be well equipped to handle HTTP CONNECT
   requests ...), wait for the frontend to put you through to the
   requested backend, then hand the connection to ssh

Thinking back to other proxying helpers like netcat/nc or corkscrew,
I'ld say that the new helper (3rd party software) might well have a
better "time to market" than an equivalent feature implemented in
OpenSSH itself ...

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