Instrumentation for metrics

Craig Miskell cmiskell at
Wed Jan 22 09:52:56 AEDT 2020

>> That would certainly cover my use case.  I wonder if there's a case to be made
>> to add options.max_startups_begin to the title status (per the amended patch
>> below).  It's more informative, but also a bit more confusing e.g. when we're
>> above max_startups_begin and beginning to drop we get a title like:
>> sshd: [listener] 12/10/100 startups
>> But my primary goal here is getting that first number exposed and we could
>> reasonably make max_startups_begin and max_startups the same; for us, once we
>> start dropping any we may as well be dropping them all, because it happening
>> at all is a thing to be avoided, and we want to/should have been alerted
>> before it happens.  So the original patch would certainly be sufficient.
> Thanks for the feedback. I've just committed this with the max_startups_begin
> exposed:
> 72691 ??  I        0:00.00 sshd: [listener] 0 of 10-100 startups (sshd)

Magic!  Thank you!

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