OpenSSH not requesting PIN code for YubiKey

Douglas E Engert deengert at
Sat Jul 11 21:31:39 AEST 2020

You did not says what method you are using.
lists 4 different ways to use the Yubikey: PIV, PGP, FIDO U2F and OTP.

In PIV section:
It says:
"If you have followed these steps to the letter, you will not be asked
for the PIV PIN, but your YubiKey will start blinking, waiting for touch."
Note the "--pin-policy=never --touch-policy=always"

On 7/10/2020 3:38 PM, Frank Sharkey wrote:
> I set up the YubiKey with OpenSSH 8.2 (Ubuntu client and server) and it
> works. However, it does not do PIN enforcement at SSH login.  It only
> requests the PIN during the set-up process (when the key is being
> generated). Is that the way it's supposed to work?
> Frank
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