Deprecation of scp protocol and improving sftp client

Job Snijders job at
Wed Jun 17 03:51:07 AEST 2020

Dear Uri,

On Tue, Jun 16, 2020 at 05:20:35PM +0000, Blumenthal, Uri - 0553 - MITLL wrote:
> scp may be an ugly protocol, but it works, works nicely from a command
> line, and is quite convenient. FTP (and, presumably, sftp) is not
> nearly as convenient.
> Why do you think your recommendation to "use sftp instead" keeps
> falling on the deaf ear? Usability, perhaps?

Yes - usability!

> Perhaps it's time to stop preaching to people about what they should
> use, but instead - if you really want a change - design, implement,
> and release a new tool that would combine the usability of scp with
> the security you want to see?  SFTP did not seem to make that cut.
> Next option?

I think Jakub Jelen is proposing exactly that: somehow keep the scp UI
we all know and love, and figure out a path to migrate the user base to
the sftp protocol under the hood.

You ask for a next option, and Jakub's email is exactly that! He wants
to build the next option. I'm excited to see where this will bring us.

Kind regards,


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