SSH certificate and serverside ForceCommand

Alejandro Dabin aledabin at
Wed Jun 24 01:11:08 AEST 2020

We're developing an open source project that uses SSH certificates. We
issue short lived certificates (few minutes) to execute commands on behalf
of users. We have a use case where we need to issue certificates with 10
days validity and store them, so we put a command inside them:

ssh-keygen -s ca-key -I certN -n user -O force-command="wget something" -V

and it works as expected. This way, if the certificate is stolen, it can
only be used to execute that command (also the CA is only trusted from some
hosts, no root login, etc).

We also want to use "ForceCommand" option on the server (inside a "Match"
section) to put a wrapper that checks commands executed for this CA. If a
rogue certificate is issued, at least we can control what is executed.
However, as the command is embedded inside the certificate, the server
passes an empty "SSH_ORIGINAL_COMMAND" to the wrapper. I couldn't find any
additional option or environment variable for this case. We can pass the
command when the connection is established, but it defeats the purpose of
having the certificate's "force-command".

So, is there a way the wrapper could get the command embedded inside a

As a side note, more information about the certificate (issue and
expiration time) could be useful for auditing. It would be useful too if
the server could log it (aside from CA, certificate serial, etc), but
couldn't find any option either.

Regards, Ale

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