Parallel transfers with sftp (call for testing / advice)

hvjunk hvjunk at
Tue May 5 10:24:32 AEST 2020

Hi Cyril,

Sounds like you’ve reinvented lftp’s ( <> ) pget and mirror —parallel options
Okay, it doesn’t seem to have paralel pushing, but there I’ll advise the rsync parallel methods too

> On 08 Apr. 2020, at 17:30 , Cyril Servant <cyril.servant at> wrote:
> I made some changes in the sftp client. The new option "-n" (defaults to 0) sets
> the number of extra channels. There is one main ssh channel, and n extra
> channels. The main ssh channel does everything, except the put and get commands.
> Put and get commands are parallelized on the n extra channels. Thanks to this,
> when the customer uses "-n 5", he can transfer his files up to 5Gb/s. There is
> no server side change. Everything is made on the client side.

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