Parallel transfers with sftp (call for testing / advice)

David Newall openssh at
Wed May 6 14:21:16 AEST 2020

Did anything happen after I 
suspect it did, because we do now allow multiple outstanding packets, as 
well as specifying the buffer size.

Daniel explained the process that SFTP uses quite clearly, such that I'm 
not sure why re-assembly is an issue.  He explained that each transfer 
already specifies the offset within the file.  It seems reasonable that 
multiple writers would just each write to the same file at their various 
different offsets.  It relies on the target supporting sparse files, but 
supercomputers only ever run Linux ;-) which does do the right thing.

The original patch which we are discussing seemed more concerned about 
being able to connect to multiple IP addresses, rather than multiple 
connections between the same pair of machines.  The issue, as I 
understand, is that the supercomputer has slow NICs, so adding multiple 
NICs allows greater network bandwidth.  This, I think, is the problem to 
be solved; not re-assembly, just sending to what appear to be multiple 
different hosts (i.e. IP addresses.)

I was curious to know why a supercomputer would have issues receiving at 
some high-bandwidth via a single NIC, while the sending machine has no 
such performance issue; but that's an aside.

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