High-Performance Networking patches

Robinson, Herbie Herbie.Robinson at stratus.com
Mon Nov 9 11:12:55 AEDT 2020

If they are accepted, the parallel cryptography should be configurable.  It's only a win on systems with kernel threads and, according to the documentation, it's only win when there is no hardware acceleration.

I can attest that the dynamic buffer sizing is a performance win.  Some operating systems will need a setsockopt on SO_RCVBUF in the server code to take full advantage.

On 11/8/20, 2:20 PM, "openssh-unix-dev on behalf of Demi M. Obenour" <openssh-unix-dev-bounces+herbie.robinson=stratus.com at mindrot.org on behalf of demiobenour at gmail.com> wrote:

    Dear OpenSSH Developers:

    What are your thoughts on the high-performance networking patches?
    I understand that some of them (such as NULL encryption) will not
    be accepted, but am more interested in the others, such as parallel
    cryptography and dynamic buffer sizes.

    These patches are used in production already, and I am wondering if
    the OpenSSH developers would be interested in making them part of
    upstream OpenSSH.



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