ssh-copy-id: call for testing

Philip Hands phil at
Wed Sep 23 01:03:27 AEST 2020

Hi Folks,

After a prolonged period of neglect, I've finally got round to putting
the various patches I had laying around into some sort of order, and
pushing them somewhere public, so it would be great if people could test

There are two branches that I'd like people to try:


The changes introduced in the 'main' branch are:

  Uses getopts rather than a hand-rolled case, which should be OK given
  that we now try to find something like ksh on solaris, so the reason
  to avoid using getopts is no longer an issue (hopefully).

  Supports dropbear as the remote end, so should allow keys to be
  installed on OpenWRT and the like.

  Allows a '-F' option, to specify an alternative ssh_config file.

  The way the command sent to the remote end is assembled has been
  changed, hopefully in a way that makes no difference, but it would be
  reassuring to discover that is still works everywhere.

In addition to that, the 'bug/3201' branch adds a '-s' option, that
should allow it to work when the remote end is only offering sftp.

The SFTP support works by get-ing a copy of the authorized_keys file,
adding keys, and then put-ing it back. This seems to raise the
possibility that one could for example try this on a full filesystem, and
have the result be that the file is truncated, but then not written,
locking the user out. If people have the ability to test such scenarios,
that would be appreciated, since I don't normally run sftp, so I'm not
sure that my tests have been realistic.

So, tests on solaris and the like would be great.  Tests of various sftp
usage would also be helpful (and will allow me to merge that into main
with confidence) -- after which, I'll ask for this to be pulled into ssh.

Cheers, Phil.

P.S. I set up a repo on gitlab, so that people can have a more modern
option for merge requests etc. and to take advantage of their CI -- my
repo will continue to exist regardless:
|)|  Philip Hands  [+44 (0)20 8530 9560]  HANDS.COM Ltd.
|(|  Hugo-Klemm-Strasse 34,   21075 Hamburg,    GERMANY
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