no-touch-required seems ignored in new and old clients

Lars Noodén lars.nooden at
Wed Apr 14 18:08:42 AEST 2021

It seems that touch is required with the both old and the new clients
regardless of whether no-touch-required is in place in authorized_keys
or not.

At least that the case when using ed25519-sk keys for authentication
because when I have a key in place in the server account's
~/.ssh/authorized_keys like this:

sk-ssh-ed25519 at AAAAGnNrLXNzaC...NzaDo=

I can connect using either old (e.g. 8.4p1-5ubuntu1) or new (e.g.
OpenSSH_8.5, LibreSSL 3.3.2) but have to touch the hardware token to
complete the authentication.

According to the manual page for sshd(8), "no-touch-required" should
eliminate the need to verify physical presence through touching the
hardware token.  However if I set a key in place in the server account's
~/.ssh/authorized_keys like this:

no-touch-required sk-ssh-ed25519 at AAAAGnNrLXNzaC...NzaDo=

then the hardware token still blinks and yet I still cannot authenticate
without touching it.  Perhaps I have overlooked something?


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