Call for testing: OpenSSH 8.7

Darren Tucker dtucker at
Wed Aug 18 19:02:02 AEST 2021

On Tue, 17 Aug 2021 at 14:46, Tom G. Christensen <tgc at>

> [...]
> I am seeing this both on a 900Mhz US-III Solaris 9 system where I build
> with v8 instructions (gcc explicitly defaults to it) and a 336Mhz US-II
> Solaris 7 system where currently only openssl is built v8 and the rest
> v7 (gcc explicitly defaults to it).
> The Solaris 9 system will always hang in the rekey test at some point,
> the Solaris 7 system often didn't even get that far before hanging.
> After the revert both have completed the full testsuite.
> Both systems also completed the testsuite in 8.6p1 with no hangs.
> [...]
> Solaris < 10 does not have pselect() it uses the compat code.

I have not been able to reproduce this.  I've tried:
 - disabling HAVE_PSELECT on a Linux system,
 - disabling HAVE_PSELECT on a 32bit Solaris 10 VM
 - disabling HAVE_PSELECT on a 64bit Solaris 11 VM
 - restoring an old Solaris 7 backup onto a qemu 32bit sparc VM

Can I get some more details?  Compiler, OpenSSL version, configure options,
exact command used to invoke the test?  Oh, and are they multiprocessor
systems (maybe it's a race)?

Also a copy of the ssh.log and sshd.log from a hung instance (off-list is

>     the other, and then a <defunct> child of the still running child.
>     With truss I see that the client is still doing poll().

if you truss the sshd that's still alive and hung what's it doing?

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