OpenSSH support for FIDO RSA keys

David Newall openssh at
Mon Aug 30 18:46:13 AEST 2021

On 30/8/21 1:53 pm, Peter Moody wrote:
>> I bet this (once) expensive equipment still supports telnet, so
>> nothing is being broken.
> even if it doesn't, the idea that someone would assume support of this
> equipment is the responsibility of the openssh maintainers, rather
> than the_vendor_, blows my mind.

That's an absurd mis-characterisation of what I said.  Perhaps you sent 
your message in injudicious haste.

Damien said that he plans to remove support for DSS keys at some future 
time.  That will take effort and I bet leaving them in the code will 
take none.

I'm saying, don't put in that effort because it will needlessly break 
equipment.  Deprecate it to all hell, but don't remove it. In no 
possible way can that be conflated with me saying that openssh 
maintainers have to support anybody's equipment.

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