[openssh-commits] [openssh] 02/02: upstream: hostname is not specified by POSIX but uname -n is, so use

Darren Tucker dtucker at dtucker.net
Sat Feb 6 08:59:00 AEDT 2021

On Sat, 6 Feb 2021 at 05:12, Tim Rice <tim at multitalents.net> wrote:
> tim at server01-UnixWare 69% hostname
> server01.int.multitalents.net

Sigh.  I was wondering if that was going to bite me, but it was OK on
all of the systems I checked.  I'll roll it back and add a hostname
function in test-exec.sh similar to the one for egrep which should
also fix the original problem (which was that some platforms don't
have hostname these days).

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