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Wed Jul 7 00:10:32 AEST 2021

OK, so in this new version, I first make the change and *then* fix the
indentation. Firstly, I think this is easier to follow (commit messages
are also improved). Secondly, this gives the committers the option of
just stopping after the first commit if they wish to live with the bad

The third, again optional, commit is the .git-blame-ignore-revs file
Douglas proposed, which should allow preventing the previous commit from
messing up `git blame`. Do note, as mentioned in the patch, that it will
need to be fixed up as applying patches with a different committer does
change the commit hash.

Between the option of not applying patch 2 and 3, not applying just
patch 3, or applying all 3 patches, I hope there is something you all
find acceptable :).


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