strange failure

Peter Stuge peter at
Mon Jul 26 01:37:59 AEST 2021


Saint Michael wrote:
> There is a Centos 7 machine where this falls after 80 loops
> target="same host"
> while [ $i -ne 500 ];do
> echo -e "$i"
> ssh -p 22 root@${target} "ls / 1>/dev/null && exit;"
> ((i++))
> done
> The loop does not fail against Ubuntu boxes.

Can you describe the failure? Is there any error message?

> kindly let me know if I am doing something wrong.

There's nothing wrong with the above snippet - that should always
result in 500 times ls output.

> This is my sshd_config

That looks fine to me, nothing in there strikes me as a cause for
intermittent issues.

One thing to keep in mind is that nearly all Linux distributions make
modifications to lots of packages, including OpenSSH, and I've experienced
such distributions changes to cause their OpenSSH packages to malfunction
while the upstream version (as published by this community) doesn't have
those same issues. It can be worthwhile to build the corresponding
upstream version yourself and retest.

Kind regards


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