[SSHD_CONFIG / OpenSSH Server] Host Option not working anymore? using host-based weak ciphers for tar over ssh copy

stonegate at stonegate.perfect-server.de stonegate at stonegate.perfect-server.de
Mon Nov 22 19:58:42 AEDT 2021

Hello dear group,


as i upgraded a system to CentOS 8 Stream which comes with OpenSSH_7.4p1, it seems the HOST Option in sshd_config for the openssh server is now deprecated.


I used it to specify the arcfour128 cipher for particular hosts to speed up tar over SSH migrations of large .tgz files. Without the ability to use arcfour128 between the two servers only (I want the other connections to use stronger ciphers) my migrations are very slow.


What can I do when the Host option is not known/working anymore ? 





sshd[126393]: /etc/ssh/sshd_config: line 143: Bad configuration option: Host


Current config:


Host ip.ip.ip.ip

ciphers arcfour128,arcfour256,arcfour


Is there a way to use this host option again in newer openssh versions ? Or does anyone have an idea how I can build a work-around? Suggestions are welcome ��


Everyone have a great time



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