[PATCH] Support ambient capability vector in Linux PAM

Björn Fischer bf at cebitec.uni-bielefeld.de
Fri Oct 1 19:16:37 AEST 2021

Hello everyone,

originating from this discussion


and the work recently done in Linux libcap


I would like to propose this patch to support the ambient
capability vector in Linux PAM + libcap-2.58+.

Background for this is that the setuid() systemcall drops
all ambient capabilities for obvious security reasons. So,
to support the ambient vector by using pam_cap.so in any
login procedure, capabilites have to be set _after_ the
last call to setuid(), which leaves the PAM cleanup code
path as the only option.

Calling pam_end() with PAM_DATA_SILENT is documented in


Concerned about portability I am unsure if testing for
PAM_DATA_SILENT is sufficient or if __LINUX_PAM__ should be

diff --git a/auth-pam.c b/auth-pam.c
index 29034e40..a6544133 100644
--- a/auth-pam.c
+++ b/auth-pam.c
@@ -683,6 +683,22 @@ sshpam_cleanup(void)
         sshpam_handle = NULL;

+       if (sshpam_handle == NULL)
+               return;
+       debug("PAM: child cleanup");
+       /*
+        * Child codepath cleanup for Linux PAM.
+        * Support Linux libcap-2.58+ pam_cap.so ambient vector.
+        */
+       pam_end(sshpam_handle, PAM_SUCCESS | PAM_DATA_SILENT);
+       sshpam_handle = NULL;
  static int
  sshpam_init(struct ssh *ssh, Authctxt *authctxt)
diff --git a/auth-pam.h b/auth-pam.h
index 9fcea270..049858a5 100644
--- a/auth-pam.h
+++ b/auth-pam.h
@@ -39,6 +39,7 @@ char ** fetch_pam_child_environment(void);
  void free_pam_environment(char **);
  void sshpam_thread_cleanup(void);
  void sshpam_cleanup(void);
+void sshpam_child_cleanup(void);
  int sshpam_auth_passwd(Authctxt *, const char *);
  int sshpam_get_maxtries_reached(void);
  void sshpam_set_maxtries_reached(int);
diff --git a/session.c b/session.c
index 5f423f9f..19a28527 100644
--- a/session.c
+++ b/session.c
@@ -1589,6 +1589,10 @@ do_child(struct ssh *ssh, Session *s, const char 

+#ifdef USE_PAM
+       sshpam_child_cleanup();
          * Must take new environment into use so that .ssh/rc,
          * /etc/ssh/sshrc and xauth are run in the proper environment.

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