Keeping or stopping TCP forwardings when the foreground process quits?

Philipp Marek philipp at
Wed Sep 8 16:31:52 AEST 2021

>> I'd also like such behavior, but I don't know if the session owner
>> (the Master process) can reliably tell when a Slave process exits?

This is easy, because the Slave process is connected to the Master 
via a socket. When that gets closed, the Slave is gone (or vice versa ;)

>> A first step might be to enable Slave processes to not only add but
>> also remove previously established channels?
> Perhaps, when explicitly doing forwarding, you could
> add "-o ControlMaster=no" to the command line (or alias
> or script). If I understand correctly, that should work
> now, without any changes to ssh.

Yes, of course.
If I remember that I've configured ControlMaster on that connection,
and that SSH will then use the Master for that,
I might also remember that.

(Although that partly defeats the ControlMaster setting -
connect latency, re-authorization, another TCP channel, ...)

I'd hope for some setting (in future versions of SSH) that says
"when a slave process is gone, remove its port forwardings as well".

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