Howto log multiple sftpd instances with their chroot shared via NFS

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On 9/21/2021 4:49 AM, Hildegard Meier wrote:

> How can I get the sftp user's activity be logged on each sftp server, when a user logs in to that server, while the user's home is shared on both servers via NFS?

based on:

This might work for a few sftp servers.
On first server, hostname1, use /dev/<hostname1>/log for all its default logging and its normal syslog-ng.conf and for the special
source s_chroot_<username> { unix-stream("/var/data/chroot/<username>/dev/hostname1/log" optional(yes) ); };
(May need to add a symlink on each host /dev/log->/dev/<hostname1>/log)

Do the above for second server, hostname2, use /dev/<hostname2>/log

Then add these to the chroot directories in NFS:

This should cause hostname1 to lock on  /var/data/chroot/<username>/dev/<hostname1>/log
and hostname 2 to lock on /var/data/chroot/<username>/dev/<hostname2>/log
because the syslog-ng does not really look at the syslog-ng.conf in the chroot.

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