Azure DevOps hosted git, and Bastion, failing to negotiate encryption?

Peter Stuge peter at
Sat May 21 23:33:15 AEST 2022

Nico Kadel-Garcia wrote:
> I'm dealing with Azure DevOps git services with which recent, security
> hardened SSH clients on a RHEL 8 variant cannot stablish public-key
> based  SSH links to the Azure Devops.

How was that security hardning done?

And if it's something RHEL-specific then what about upstream OpenSSH?

> Conversely, Azure Bastion cannot use Azure key vault stored private
> SSH keys to access the same RHEL 8 based servers,

Try running sshd with -ddd and see what it says?

Although this seems to be a RHEL issue maybe you can debug it yourself..


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