Killing the OpenSSH server doesn't cause the Windows OpenSSH client to die

rsbecker at rsbecker at
Sat Apr 8 03:36:07 AEST 2023

On Friday, April 7, 2023 1:13 PM, Yuri wrote:
>On 4/7/23 10:08, Bob Rasmussen wrote:
>> It depends how you "kill" the SSH server.
>> If you kill it by sending it a SIGKILL signal, it will NOT notify the
>> client, so the client will stay running until the client discovers the
>> connection is broken.
>I run 'kill <pid>' which sends SIGTERM. This should shout it down
>But even with SIGKILL the OS would still shut down the network
>connection gracefully, and this should be propagated to the client.

Windows sometimes keeps sockets around until TTL expires. If you have Cygwin
or similar, netstat -a will show you any sockets that are around but no
longer connected (FIN-WAIT). If a process tries to bind to a bound socket on
the same port during that period, the bind may fail (it does not on some


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