It would be nice if OpenSSH would have features to circumvent network filters, like SSL tunneling

Yuri yuri at
Thu Apr 20 12:00:22 AEST 2023

I am in the network that is behind the Zscaler firewall.

Virtually all ports except 80 and 443 are closed. ssh through any of 
ports 80 and 443 is disallowed based on protocol content analysis.

It would be nice if OpenSSH would have some features that would allow 
the user to break out of such network.

I suggest that OpenSSH adds the SSL tunneling feature:

1. The server would have the AllowHttpsTunnels {secret token} setting

2. The client would have the -h {secret token} argument that would tell 
it to try the SSL connection when the SSH connection fails, and the -H 
{secret token} argument that would instruct the client to only use the 
SSL tunnel.

3. In case when SSL tunneling is used the client would establish the SSL 
connection, and then it would authenticate the secret token.

The secret token is needed to ensure that deep filters like Zscaler 
wouldn't be able to ban such SSL tunnel based on content probing.

SSL might need to have the HTTP protocol embedded into it (making it an 
HTTPS tunnel) in case the network filter would probe for it and ban 
connections based on its absence.

It is probably possible to do something similar using stunnel but (1) it 
is a lot more difficult to set up and (2) it would be blockable based on 
content probing because no secret token would be involved.

Without such feature more and more users would be unable to use ssh in 
more and more situations.


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