@cert-authority for hostbased auth - sans shosts?

Marian Beermann public at enkore.de
Sat Nov 11 11:08:24 AEDT 2023

On 11/10/23 04:17, Damien Miller wrote:
> AIUI what he is asking for is a file that combines the host identity
> of the system-wide ssh_known_hosts file with the host/user authorisation
> of shosts in a single file.
> This might be a little cleaner, but IMO not so much so as to be highly
> motivating (personally).
> -d

Yup, but since this is auth code I imagine it would still require quite 
some maintainer time to integrate a patch, if one were supplied. Plus 
I'm under the impression that hostbased auth is somewhat of a 
"discouraged" or at least arcane practice.


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