restrict file transfer in rsync, scp, sftp?

Jochen Bern Jochen.Bern at
Mon Nov 13 21:44:58 AEDT 2023

On 12.11.23 01:08, Bob Proulx wrote:
> Currently rsync and old scp has been restricted using a restricted
> shell configuration.  But of course that does not limit sftp.  And of
> course sftp can be chrooted which [...]  blocks rsync.
> I hate to have to tell everyone that we can only securely allow one of
> either rsync or sftp but not both.  But at this point I think it must
> be one or the other and either-or seems not possible.

Call me cheap, but I'd try having the sshd listen on a second port and 
put the chroot+sftp config into a "Match LocalPort ..." block.

Yes, that means the users cannot use a single .ssh/config entry for all 
the access modes, but considering that the chroot will change the 
apparently-absolute pathes for SFTP, anyway ...

Kind regards,
Jochen Bern

Binect GmbH
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