how to block brute force attacks on reverse tunnels?

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> Subject: how to block brute force attacks on reverse tunnels?
> From: Steve Newcomb <srn at>
> Date: 25.04.24, 17:14
> For many years I've been running ssh reverse tunnels on portable Linux,
> OpenWRT, Android etc. hosts so they can be accessed from a server whose
> IP is stable (I call such a server a "nexus host"). Increasingly there's
> a problem with brute force attacks on the nexus host's tunnel ports. The
> attack is forwarded to the portable tunneling host, where it fails, but
> it chews up a lot of resources and wants to be stopped. At the portable
> tunneling host, fail2ban can't be used to block the attacker's IP because
> when the attack arrives, it appears to the ssh daemon to be arriving from
> localhost ( I'm not sure the attacker's IP can even be known
> at the portable host (openssh developers: can it?), and anyway it needs
> to be blocked by the nexus host before it can chew up yet more bandwidth.

I take it that checking users/clients as they show up at the hub 
server's door in the first place is, for some reason, infeasible?

(We have solutions in prod where devices on customer premises similarly 
create a tunnel(-end) on our server to connect to their sshd, *but* 
users have to authenticate as they SSH or VPN to that server in the 
first place and the tunnel is restricted to localhost or VPN client pool 

Kind regards,
Jochen Bern

Binect GmbH
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