Adding support for alternative .ssh/rc and .ssh/environment paths

90 hi at
Fri Feb 9 20:53:56 AEDT 2024

Recently, I attempted to add what I previously suggested to this mailing list of an $SSH_USER_HOME environment variable with which to move the contents of ~/.ssh, which worked fairly well for files used by the SSH _client_ as run by the user. However, it turned out that this was effectively impossible to use in order to relocate the ~/.ssh/rc and ~/.ssh/environment files, obviously due to the fact that these are used by the sshd _server_ component, which runs as root and has no knowledge of any environment variables that other users may specify.

What I noticed, however, is that unlike with the authorized_keys file which can have other alternate paths specifiable via sshd_config, there is no such option with the rc and environment files. I was wondering if it may be worth implementing this for these two files so that if the user chooses, they may relocate everything away from ~/.ssh.

Kind regards.

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