ProxyJump may construct erroneous ProxyCommand

Rob Leslie rob at
Sun Jan 14 12:08:53 AEDT 2024


On macOS, Terminal’s “New Remote Connection…” command runs ssh in a new window like this:

	login -pfq $USER /usr/bin/ssh $HOST

Here, login executes /usr/bin/ssh with argv[0] set to “-ssh”.

If $HOST has a ProxyJump configuration, the resulting ProxyCommand is:

	-ssh -W '[%h]:%p' $JUMP_HOST

Because of the leading hyphen, this fails to execute. If the user’s shell is zsh, the Terminal window shows:

	zsh:1: unknown exec flag -s

Would it make sense to ignore any leading hyphen when constructing the ProxyCommand from ProxyJump?

% ssh -V       
OpenSSH_9.4p1, LibreSSL 3.3.6

Rob Leslie
rob at

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