ProxyJump may construct erroneous ProxyCommand

Rob Leslie rob at
Tue Jan 16 08:29:52 AEDT 2024

Hello Roumen,

> On Jan 15, 2024, at 12:10 PM, Roumen Petrov <openssh at> wrote:
> Hello Rob,
> Rob Leslie wrote:
>> On macOS, Terminal’s “New Remote Connection…” command runs ssh in a new window like this:
>> 	login -pfq $USER /usr/bin/ssh $HOST
> Is there a way to start non-login session?

Yes, there is an alternative method using “New Command…” which has an option to run the command inside a shell, but such sessions do not have the nice property of being automatically resumed when is restarted in the same way sessions started with “New Remote Connection…” are.

Rob Leslie
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