[flashboot] New kernels and images..

Rickard Dahlstrand rd at tilde.se
Fri Aug 17 01:41:14 EST 2007


New 4.1 kernels with the 009-patch and the latest flashboot-utils are up
at http://tilde.se/flashboot/

All the changes can be found in the changelog
http://tilde.se/flashboot/download/4.1/ChangeLog however the biggest
news at this point is the addition of a backupconfig-script. This script
will take all files in /etc/ (and others dirs if you tell it to) and
copy the changed files over to flash. Also the script createconfig that
helps the user setup initial configuration much like the install-system
in normal OpenBSD.

For me this represents a significant move to a much more user-friendly
distribution that hopefully will attract new users (not) :-)


PS. The cvs has been broken for a while, Niclas restored the
functionality of the comment in the end if rc by changing "mount
/flash/" to "mount -A". This however meant the the fstab which contained
noauto for /flash/ did not mount /flash/. Binaries above are fixed, CVS
should be updated within a day or so.

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