[flashboot] How much do you store in the ramdisk kernel? - Flashboot for OpenBSD 4.9 on the way

rancor therancor at gmail.com
Tue Aug 9 01:17:26 EST 2011


I'm modifying Flashboot for OpenBSD 4.9 from resent changes made by
Rickard Dahlstrand (automated download of source, patching and chroot)
and hints from James Records post

One thing that will be different is the size of the ramdisk kernel and
it will be significant bigger since and the minimal build will be
approximate 38Mb uncompressed.

My question to you all is how much config files do you store in kernel
and how much free space do you need?

It's still possible to customize it but it would be great to have the
standard sizes some what accurate.

Regards rancor

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