[netflow-tools] flowd-reader export

Nathan Einwechter nathan at inorb.com
Sat Mar 25 11:04:47 EST 2006

Along the same lines of this question; when NetFlow lists something as
being the "Source", for TCP connections, does this mean the full
connection source (within the context of a TCP connection,
three-way-handshake etc), or just where that specific set of packets is
going to/coming from?

i.e. if I'm looking at web traffic, will it look like this
Source	Dest	SrcPort	DstPort Prot
A		B	1064		80	6

Or this:
Source	Dest	SrcPort	DstPort	Prot
A		B	1064		80		6
B		A	80		1064		6


Thanks for everyone's assistance in clarifying this.

Yours truly,

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Is there any documentation on the export as generated by flowd-reader? 
For example, what are the possible values and meanings for proto (I know

6 is TCP)? What is the most accurate way of matching bi-directional 
packets (is it simply a specific port number range)?

Can I simply assume that the LOWER port number is the port, and the 
higher is for matching?

I have tried all of the README files, installed documentation and 
Googled, but can find nothing on this. I have also grepped a downloaded 
copy of the mailing list archive.

Can anyone help?



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