[netflow-tools] flow_start and flow_finish

Brian Lindauer brian.lindauer at counterstorm.com
Wed Nov 22 09:32:19 EST 2006

I'm confused about the flow_start and flow_finish fields of
store_flow_complete.  The values that I'm getting don't seem to
correspond to unix timestamps (even after running them through ntohl).
The store_format_flow() function formats them as intervals, but that
doesn't make sense either.  Is this a bug in netflow parsing?

process_flow: ACCEPT flow FLOW recv_time 2006-11-20T23:35:38.901867
proto 6 tcpflags 00 tos 80 agent [] src []:40534
dst []:443 gateway [] packets 8 octets 1193 in_if 110
out_if 90 sys_uptime_ms 3w1d7h43m27s.204 time_sec 2006-11-20T23:35:38
time_nanosec 0 netflow ver 7 flow_start 3w1d7h38m18s.067 flow_finish
3w1d7h38m19s.218 src_AS 0 src_masklen 0 dst_AS 0 dst_masklen 0
engine_type 0 engine_id 0 seq 1025263 source 0 crc32 00000000


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