[Bug 334] SSH hangs when run via a cronjob (ssh2)

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Wed Jul 9 10:15:58 EST 2003


------- Additional Comments From dtucker at zip.com.au  2003-07-09 10:15 -------
Does the same thing happen if you run from the command line with nohup?

You can also use strace/truss or equivalent to see what it's trying to do when 
it hangs.  Make sure the cron job will take a while (add some sleeps if you have 
to) then wait until the cron job starts, find out ssh's pid and use "strace -p 
[pid]" to attach to the process.  Once you have the results, add the last 100 
lines or so as an attachment to this bug.

Also, the commands at the other end of the pipe might behave differently when 
they don't have a pty.  Try adding "-t" to ssh's command line to force the 
server to allocate one.

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