[Bug 617] sshd binds to port 6010

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            Summary|/etc/services disregarded   |sshd binds to port 6010

------- Additional Comments From dtucker at zip.com.au  2003-07-14 21:31 -------
Further info supplied via email:
> I use ssh to access a certain machine. On this machine is installed another
> program which periodically runs and whenever it starts up, it exports
> services on port 6010 which is documented so in /etc/services on the machine.
> For some reason which I don't understand as I am not familiar with ssh well
> enough, sshd 'stole' the port 6010

Ah, OK, you should have put that in the bug report.

6010 is by default the first X11 forwarding port.

You can turn it off with "X11Forwarding no" or change the port with
"X11DisplayOffset [number]" (both in sshd_config).  The number by default
is "10" and is added to the normal X11 port (6000) to give the first X11
forwarding port.

Your best bet is probably to set "X11DisplayOffset 20".

/etc/services is not a reservation system at all, it is merely a way to
map port numbers to service names and vice versa.

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