[Bug 761] sftp not exiting in batch mode

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Wed Nov 19 06:44:35 EST 2003


------- Additional Comments From djm at mindrot.org  2003-11-18 12:44 -------
Can't replicate:

[djm at sakura djm]$ sftp -b testbatch localhost
Connecting to localhost...
root at localhost's password:
sftp> get /bin/ls /tmp/foo
Fetching /bin/ls to /tmp/foo
sftp> ls /tmp/foo
sftp> put /tmp/foo /tmp/bar
Uploading /tmp/foo to /tmp/bar
Uploading /tmp/foo to /tmp/bar
sftp> ls -l /tmp/bar
-rwxr-xr-x    0 0        0          178028 Nov 19 06:42 /tmp/bar
[djm at sakura djm]$ ps ax | grep sftp
 3917 p2  I+      0:00.01 grep sftp
[djm at sakura djm]$ cat testbatch
get /bin/ls /tmp/foo
ls /tmp/foo
put /tmp/foo /tmp/bar
ls -l /tmp/bar

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