[Bug 559] PAM fixes

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Fri Feb 20 02:35:33 EST 2004


------- Additional Comments From joerg.albert at gmx.de  2004-02-20 02:35 -------
Hi Frank,

> FWIW, I actually have a valid use for that behavior (not just having a
> feature for feature's sake).  A device that
> logs folks in to a single role account, but using individual usernames
> and secrets.  Via PAM, that's possible to setup so that (eg) the auth
> goes to radius for secret verification, then the last module in the
> stack changes the username.  The advantage is: no account maintenance

we've got this situation here, too. RADIUS maps a nonexistent user name
into a valid one; but OpenSSH 3.7.1p2 fails.

Any pointer to your patch - couldn't find it in Bugzilla?


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