[Bug 787] Minor security problem due to use of deprecated NGROUPS_MAX in uidswap.c (sshd)

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Tue Feb 24 13:10:36 EST 2004


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------- Additional Comments From djm at mindrot.org  2004-02-24 13:10 -------
Simpler patch applied. If necessary, we can revisit this under a different bug
post-release if necessary.

Tim, for a long time software has sized arrays using NGROUPS_MAX and/or sysconf.
By changing NGROUPS_MAX, you break binary compat in scary ways. By making the
baseline _SC_NGROUPS_MAX so high, you waste memory everywhere and force everyone
else to do the work in cleaning up after you.

Hopefully the glibc people will try to shelter userland from this silly and
gratuitous change.

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