[Bug 801] Improve usability of scp by adding a "make path" option

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------- Additional Comments From sdturne at us.ibm.com  2004-02-27 03:53 -------
Ben, it does not appear that you understood my request.

I never suggested that "-p" be used to implement the "make path" feature;
obviously that option is already used.  My suggestion was to use "-m".

Your statement that "scp is not a replacement for rcp" is simply not correct;
the documentation even states that it is.

How could I use sftp instead of scp?  It doesn't operate anything close to what
I need, and it doesn't preserve attributes as does "scp -p".


Your first two suggestions don't preserve the permissions or timestamps of the
source files; this is critical.

Your follow-on suggestions assume that my source file is already in the
directory hierachy that I need on the target; this is not the case.

There are most certainly umpteen other ways to "work around" my problem, but
aren't they all ugly, slow and kludgy compared to a simple:

        scp -pm file.dat remote:some/new/dir/file.dat

?  As I mentioned in a parallel discussion in comp.security.ssh, I've seen the
scp.c source code, and I can't envision this change requiring more than about 25
or 50 lines of code...

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