[Bug 801] Improve usability of scp by adding a "make path" option

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Fri Feb 27 09:41:47 EST 2004


------- Additional Comments From sdturne at us.ibm.com  2004-02-27 09:41 -------
Damien Miller wrote:
>You aren't listening: we aren't going to change scp.

Really?  I'm the one who's not listening?  That's funny I kinda got the idea
that most of you weren't *reading*.  I'm listening just fine, I'm just not
willing to let the issue drop without a decent explanation.  Yours wasn't it. 
Both you and Ben closed my request without sufficient explanation and without
the slightest shred of courtesy.  You really should try working directly with
paying customers some time; you'd both do real well.

<deep breath>


Your explanations are the first I've seen all day that hit the nail on the head,
and now I understand what the real danger is in changing scp.  I'm now quite
happy to accept the fact that this issue won't be addressed, and thank you so
much for clearing it up.  I applaud you sir.

I also want to apologize if some of my responses seem short-fused, but this
topic has been getting some snide remarks over in comp.security.ssh as well, and
I've been carrying some of that frustration over to this discussion.  Sorry
'bout that.

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