[Bug 866] ssh(1) is too picky about unknown options in ~/.ssh/config

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Sun May 9 12:05:29 EST 2004


------- Additional Comments From Nicolas.Williams at sun.com  2004-05-09 12:05 -------
No, it isn't just about making OpenSSH's configuration more compatible
with derivatives of it, it's also about making OpenSSH's configuration
more compatible with itself across its variousversions (just because
you've released a new version doesn't mean that all will upgrade all
at once).

I'm thinking though that Damien is right that we can't have ssh(1) just
verbose() (even aside from possibly security-sensitive unknown
parameters) and that prompting is too obnoxious.  There may be a better
way to deal with this though.

Here's a better approach: provide one parameter to list other known
parameters that ssh(1) would verbose() or debug() about if it didn't
actually know them.  Of course, one would typically only use this
while transitioning from one version of OpenSSH to another and/or for
co-existence with SUNWssh and other derivatives.

BTW, here's a list of parameters supported by OpenSSH 3.8* that the
Solaris 10 SUNWssh doesn't yet support:


Older versions of OpenSSH don't support all of those either.

And as I mentioned before, Solaris 10's ssh(1) supports a GssKeyEx
option that OpenSSH's doesn't.

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