[Bug 843] sshd_config.5: add warning to PasswordAuthentication

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Wed May 12 11:54:45 EST 2004


------- Additional Comments From djm at mindrot.org  2004-05-12 11:54 -------
> Enables the Pluggable Authentication Module interface. To
> authenticate via PAM you must use ChallengeResponseAuthentication
> (keyboard-interactive for SSHv2, TIS for SSHv1) so you should
> also set PasswordAuthentication to ``no''.

Perhaps something like this:

Enables the Pluggable Authentication Module interface. If set to ``yes'', this
will enable PAM authentication using ChallengeResponseAuthentication and PAM
account and session module processing for all authentication types.

Because PAM challenge-response authentication usually serves an equivalent role
to password authentication, you should disable either PasswordAuthentication or

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