[Bug 748] HP-UX 11.11 (aka 11i) needs BROKEN_GETADDRINFO

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Tue May 25 09:20:54 EST 2004


------- Additional Comments From baby_p_nut at yahoo.com  2004-05-25 09:20 -------
Patch Name: PHNE_27796

Patch Description: s700_800 11.11 libnss_dns DNS backend patch

Creation Date: 02/11/26

Post Date:  03/01/07

Hardware Platforms - OS Releases:
	s700: 11.11
	s800: 11.11

Products: N/A


Automatic Reboot?: No

Status: General Release

Critical: No

Category Tags:
	defect_repair enhancement general_release

Path Name: /hp-ux_patches/s700_800/11.X/PHNE_27796

	1. JAGae35468 / SR 8606271239
	   Problem with DNS library resolver routines.

	2. JAGae37148 / SR 8606273042
	   Problem with getipnodeby* IPv6 resolver code.

	3. JAGae26956 / SR 8606262621
	   Programs that use getaddrinfo() may not run properly on
	   certain HP-UX 11.11 systems.

	1. JAGad75337 / SR 8606206162
	   The libnss_dns.1 library should be IPv6 enabled.

	1. JAGad48393 / SR 8606179169:
	   libnss_dns.1's "dependency" on libnsl increases
	   FTP's resource usage.

Defect Description:
	1. JAGae35468 / SR 8606271239
	   Under certain circumstances, the resolver incorrectly
	   calculates the available buffer size.
	   The buffer size is now calculated properly.

	2. JAGae37148 / SR 8606273042
	   Under certain circumstances, large size packets received
	   by the IPv6 resolver were not handled properly.
	   The resolver now properly handles packets of all sizes.

	3. JAGae26956 / SR 8606262621
	   The memory initialization and freeing were not done
	   Code has been modified to initialize and free the memory

	1. JAGad75337 / SR 8606206162
	   The libnss_dns.1 library should be IPv6 enabled, so
	   that IPv6 nameservers can be queried by clients.
	   The libnss_dns.1 is now IPv6 enabled.
	   The /etc/resolv.conf file now supports IPv6 addresses
	   for the nameserver directive.

	1. JAGad48393 / SR 8606179169:
	   Since libnss_dns.1 was linked with libnsl, resource
	   utilization was more.
	   dependency of libnss_dns.1 on libnsl has been removed.

	No (superseded patches contained enhancements)
	This is an enhancement to support IPv6 in libnss_dns.

	8606206162 8606179169 8606271239 8606273042 8606262621

Patch Files:



what(1) Output:

		$ PATCH/11.11:PHNE_27796 Sep 17 2002 15:43:17 $

		$ PATCH/11.11:PHNE_27796 Sep 17 2002 15:43:17 $

cksum(1) Output:

	331410839 36864 /usr/lib/libnss_dns.1

	2979937160 34816 /usr/lib/pa20_64/libnss_dns.1

Patch Conflicts: None

Patch Dependencies:
	s700: 11.11: PHCO_24400
	s800: 11.11: PHCO_24400

Hardware Dependencies: None

Other Dependencies:
	The solution for SR 8606206162 (JAGad75337) will only be
	available if the "HP-UX 11i IPv6 product bundle" is
	installed. SR 8606206162 (JAGad75337) provides details about
	the IPv6 name resolution for DNS clients.

	PHNE_23574 PHNE_24129

Equivalent Patches: None

Patch Package Size: 100 KBytes

Installation Instructions:
	Please review all instructions and the Hewlett-Packard
	SupportLine User Guide or your Hewlett-Packard support terms
	and conditions for precautions, scope of license,
	restrictions, and, limitation of liability and warranties,
	before installing this patch.
	1. Back up your system before installing a patch.

	2. Login as root.

	3. Copy the patch to the /tmp directory.

	4. Move to the /tmp directory and unshar the patch:

		cd /tmp
		sh PHNE_27796

	5. Run swinstall to install the patch:

		swinstall -x autoreboot=true -x patch_match_target=true \
			  -s /tmp/PHNE_27796.depot

	By default swinstall will archive the original software in
	/var/adm/sw/save/PHNE_27796.  If you do not wish to retain a
	copy of the original software, include the patch_save_files
	option in the swinstall command above:

		-x patch_save_files=false

	WARNING: If patch_save_files is false when a patch is installed,
		 the patch cannot be deinstalled.  Please be careful
		 when using this feature.

	For future reference, the contents of the PHNE_27796.text file is
	available in the product readme:

		swlist -l product -a readme -d @ /tmp/PHNE_27796.depot

	To put this patch on a magnetic tape and install from the
	tape drive, use the command:

		dd if=/tmp/PHNE_27796.depot of=/dev/rmt/0m bs=2k

Special Installation Instructions:
	After this patch is installed, *ONLY* if you want to
	recompile and/or relink the applications that use libnsl.1
	APIs, link the application explicitly with libnsl.1. This
	is applicable only in the case of applications expecting
	to resolve libnsl.1 symbols through libnss_dns.1.
	Not linking these applications with libnsl.1 will cause the
	linker to report unresolved symbols, as libnss_dns.1 no
	longer resolves libnsl.1 entry points.

	For 64-bit applications, loading of the libnss_dns library
	will fail unless PHCO_24400 or any later patch is installed
	in the system. In certain cases such as using shl_load()
	with BIND_IMMEDIATE flag, 32-bit applications require
	PHCO_24400 or any of its superseded patch to be present in
	the system; otherwise it will result in an unsatisfied
	symbol error.

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