[Bug 948] high CPU in sshd after tcp_wrappers deny

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Tue Nov 2 22:01:32 EST 2004


------- Additional Comments From dtucker at zip.com.au  2004-11-02 22:01 -------
The code that drops the connection is pretty simple and there's no obvious way
for it to get into a loop:

if (!hosts_access(&req)) {
      debug("Connection refused by tcp wrapper");
      /* NOTREACHED */
      fatal("libwrap refuse returns");

When it happens, can you run /usr/ucb/ps auxwww and pick out the pid of the
errant process?  It should have a few hints about what stage the process is at
in the process title.

Also, can you reproduce it with sshd in debug mode (eg /path/to/sshd -ddde)?  If
so, please attach (note: use "Create New Attachment") the debug log to this bug.

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