[Bug 954] configure w/PAM & tcp_wrapper crashes on Irix 6.5

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Wed Nov 17 10:54:54 EST 2004


------- Additional Comments From dtucker at zip.com.au  2004-11-17 10:54 -------
(From update of attachment 741)

>sh-2.05b# ./configure --prefix=/usr/openssh-$SSH_VERSION \
>    --with-zlib=/usr/openssh-$SSH_VERSION --with-pam \
>    --with-ssl-dir=/usr/openssh-$SSH_VERSION --with-tcp-wrappers=/usr/wrapper \
>    --with-cppflags="-I/usr/freeware/include -I/usr/freeware/include/security" \
>    --with-l dflags="-L/usr/freeware/lib32"

I assume this is a typo?

>    --with-privsep

This isn't a valid option.

Is it caused by any particular option?	If you remove them one at a time does
it begin to work at some point?  Also:

> ./config.status[310]: syntax error at line 310 : `)' unexpected
> 309:INSTALL="./install-sh -c"
> 310:311:    ac_cs_recheck=: ;;
> 312: 

The same line-doubling is in the first copy too.  Are you building these from a
script?  If so, does it have any embedded newlines/CRs/backspaces?

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