[Bug 925] Forking and crontabs do not work with ssh on NCR MP-RAS builds

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Tue Sep 14 02:45:44 EST 2004


------- Additional Comments From techinfo at pdmi.com  2004-09-14 02:45 -------
I applied the patch from 830 and it partially fixed the problem.  

Interactively the -f option now works, as long as you don't redirect the ssh 
output to /dev/null (prior to the patch -f failed every time).  

I still get the select() error when I redirect stdout to /dev/null without the -
f option.   If the output is redirected to a file I don't get a select() 
error.  It only happens when redirected to /dev/null.

I did find that if the remote command that is executed doesn't return any 
output the select() error will not occur.

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