[Bug 910] known_hosts port numbers

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Mon Sep 20 06:10:42 EST 2004


devin.nate at bridgecomm.net changed:

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            Version|3.7.1p2                     |-current

------- Additional Comments From devin.nate at bridgecomm.net  2004-09-20 06:10 -------
First try at a patch to do this.

The patch changes the known_hosts file format. Format is host:port.
Nothing else changes, so multiple aliases etc are permitted.

This patch does NOT include DNS based host key checking updates,
i.e. those found in verify_host_key_dns()

Patch is against openssh-3.9p1

If any openssh developers capable of getting code into the official
tree are watching, please consider this patch for inclusion into
a future release.

Devin Nate

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